JBAY.ZONE Brand Presentation

iSUP Designed in Italy

The best portrait we can use to tell others about our way of living life, our way of existing in the world around us, how we perceive the emotions that everyday life places in front of us, is the image that our passions tell about us.

Having a passion for something, a goal to reach, or simply being the masters of your free time, is the right way to go for living a life full of satisfactions.

JBAY.ZONE helps you to write your adventure, to design your portrait, using its products like pen and inkwell. Shure, JBAY.ZONE is a young brand, but can boast anyway great maturity, given by many years of experience in the distribution of sports and leisure items of their creators.

The completely Made in Italy design of JBAY.ZONE products is designed for all those who want to enjoy their time, sharing unforgettable experiences with friends and family or, why not, even in solitude to keep fit without excess, having fun immersed in nature.

Once you enter the JBAY.ZONE it will be difficult to do without it.

Finally the JBAY.ZONE social media profiles are available. Connect to avoid losing news and curiosity about the JBAY.ZONE world. You can follo JBAY.ZONE on Facebook, instagram or Youtube. News will shurely come when the new iSUP will be ready to make their debut on international markets.

Stay tuned.