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ZRAY is not just a brand of water sports products like the others. Thanks to the collaboration with European and Australian builders, technicians and instructors, every innovation follows the needs of the lovers to make the experience in the water unforgettable and pleasant.

ZRAY inflatable Sups are cheap and competitive. Built with innovative technologies, they are the ideal product for who “enters” for the first time into the world of Stand Up Paddle but also for who are looking for premium products with excellent value for money, well-finished designs and high quality materials. ZRAY inflatable boats and sleeves are particularly suitable for use in the family. They are inflatable products, light and cheap but at the same time sturdy and reliable, built with high quality materials that are proof of cuts and abrasions. Explore the ZRAY inflatable boat range and choose the model that best suits your needs. If your passion is to explore rivers, lakes and coasts, choose the ZRAY Kayaks. Easy to inflate and deflate, comfortable to store, they will be perfect for your excursions.





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